Some of Stasha's accomplishments:

2011 Yankee II Trial:  Best 4-6 month puppy

2011 Erin's Russell Refuge Benefit Trial: Reserve Best 4-6 Month Puppy

2011 Liberty 1 Trial: Reserve Best 4-6 Month Puppy

2011 Liberty 11 Trial: Best 4-6 Month Puppy

2011 Russell Rescue Trial: Best 6-9 Month Bitch Puppy, Best 6-9 Month Puppy

2011 Huntington Hunt Trial: Best 6-9 Month Bitch Puppy, Best 6-9 Month Puppy

2011 Northgate Trial II: Best 6-12 month Bitch, Champion 6-12 Month Puppy

2011 JRTCC Canadian National Trial: Reserve Best 9-12 Month Bitch Puppy, Reserve Puppy Champion

2011 JRTCA National Trial: 2nd in 9-12 Month Bitch Puppy


                   2011 JRTCC National Trial, Stasha Reserved Champion Puppy, Judge: Michelle Ward                       ​​

Stasha as a puppy showed with Shelmar White Diamond, Shelmar Yardley, Shelmar Brash in Generation Class.  The goal of the class is to demonstrate improvement in each generation of dog. Most of 2011 this family was first place with Stasha as the best improvement.

Stasha continued to show in Bred By Exhibitor and Suitability of Raccoon.  She also showed with Shelmar Roux in Pairs class and won first in 2014 and 2015.  Moving on in 2017 Stasha moved back into being a frequent winner in Veteran and Suitability to Raccoon.

          Dam: Shelmar Brash                                          Sire: Big Smith Spanky

Stasha; 2017 JRTCC National Terrier Trial

Best Veteran and 1st Suitability Raccoon

​​Shelmar Jack Russell Terriers

Jean and Reed Veazey

2232 State Route 80, Tully, New York   13159

       HOME PHONE: 315-696-4660,  CELL PHONE: 315-559-0312  EMAIL:                                                               

Sire: Big Smith Bomber


Breeder: Amy Smith

Owner:   Amy Smith

Shelmar Stasha, Best Veteran, Northgate Terrier Trial, 2019

​Dam: Sweet Haven Pixie

585-05A  S/12.75"/Tri

Breeder: Melissa Sellers

Owner:   Amy Smith

Dam: Big Smith Lillian


Breeder: Amy Smith

Owner: Sellers/Medallion


Shelmar Stasha appeared to show great potential in the conformation world as a puppy.  She demonstrates elegant movement, yet is solid, well boned and put together very nicely.  She is definitely excellent results of both of her parents and as a puppy loved adults, children and other dogs.  She is tri-colored with a harsh broken coat, excellent top line, shoulder and real outstanding conformation.  She is outgoing and very attentive to her owner in the conformation ring as an adult.  Her appearance and presence brings her Grandmother, Shelmar Yardley, right back into my heart and mind.

​Stasha Pedigree:

Reg: 0026-12A, DOB: 01/12/11, B/12.75"/Tri, Breeder/Owner: Jean + Reed Veazey


Dam: Shelmar Brash (see her pedigree on Roux page)

Dam: Fox Run Fancier

985-02A  R/11.25"/Tri

Breeder: Sandra Ferber

​Owner:    Chris Bolser

Sire: Foxnorton Shinger

90-03E   R/13"/Tri

Breeder: Brian Male

Owner:   Chris Bolser


Sire: CanisMajor Runway

906-05A  R12.75"/Tri

Breeder: Chris Bolser

Owner:   Mary Houston


  Shelmar Stasha  3.5 years old                             Shelmar Stasha  8 months old

​Sire: Sow's Ear Rajah

Dam: Redstone Dynamite



Sire:All Seasons Regis

Dam: Old Glory Tempest


Sire: Big Smith Spanky

​134-07A  B/13.5"/Tri

Breeder:Amy Smith

Owner:  Michelle Ward 

Little Miss Stasha, 8 weeks old                   Stasha 4 months old

                                                               Photo by Michelle Ward

Sire: Shelmar Brash

​  231-08A  B/13"/Tri

DOB: 06-10-2007DDDOB

Breeder:Michelle Ward

Owner:Jean Veazey

Sire: Billbridge Weed


Dam: Billbidge Dime


Sire: Conquest Rebound


Dam:  Fox Run Last Chance


JRT Trials 2019:  Our STASHA is an outstanding VETERAN Jack Russell Terrier

Spring Fever Terrier Trial, Fredericksburg VA  First Female Veteran, BEST VETERAN JACK (Sat + Sun)

Yankee Terrier Trial, Hebron, CT                    First Femald Veteran, BEST VETERAN JACK (Sat + Sun)

JRT Muesum Benefit Trial, Fredericksburg, VA First female Veteran, BEST VETERAN JACK (Sat + Sun)

Taneytown Terrier Trial, Taneytown, MD          First Female Veteran, BEST VETERAN JACK(Sat + Sun)

Northgare Terrier Trial, Port Murray, NJ         First female Veteran, Best Veteran Jack +

                                                                 Reserve Best of the Rest (Sun)

JRTCC, Canadian National Trial                      Canadian National Reserve Best Veteran