​Schatzi @ Yankee JRTCA Terrier Trial 2017

​Photo by Michelle Ward


​Schatzi @ Yankee JRTCA Terrier Trial 2017

​Photo by Michelle Ward

​Shelmar Schatzi is a very active, loving and devoted Jack Russll Terrier.  She is very loving to the family and Mitzi.  She is tall and very put together with a very span-able chest, nice head, excellent body conformation and a lightly broken coat.  She has done well in puppy conformation classes in 2016.  In 2017 she became very excited about Lure Course classes and it was recommended that she move on into racing classes.  We did racing for her several times at Breezewood Terrier Trials in PA in 2017.

    Girl who lives in Canada


Dam: Shelmar Roux;

pedigree on Roux page

Schatzi showing as a puppy at Breezewood Trial.

​Left photo by Shirley Buist

Sire: Canis Major Runway

906-05A  R/12.75"/Tri

Dam: Sweet Haven Pixie



Sire: Fox Island Grit

1048-00A  B/13"/Tri

Dam: Little Eden Roxy

​709-07A  S/12.75"/Tri

SHELMAR ROUX​ (photo by M. Ward)


(SCA: NBC, PLL: NBD, DM: NBD, BAEU: Normal tested

CERF: normal tested yearly)

Registration JRTCA : 0035-17A   B / 14.25"/ Tricolor

DOB: December 21, 2015

Sire: Little Eden Strut

693-02A  DOB:9/11/01  B/12.5"/Tri

​Breeder/Owner:Michelle Ward


Sire:Big Smith Spanky

134-07A  B/13.25"/Tri

Dam: Little Eden Lofty

​79-10A  B/12.75"/Tri

Dam: Little Eden Layla

101-12A DOB:4/24/11 B/12.75"/Tri

Breeder: D. Wright/M. Ward

Owner: Diane Wright


Schatzi showing in the 9-12 month puppy class at Northgate Terrier Trial...September 2016

She was Reserve Best 6-12 Month Puppy 

​Photo by Michelle Ward

Schatzi was bred to Litte Eden Tango in June, 2017 and had 4 puppies in August of 2017​ went to lovely pet homes.

Little Eden Rocky X Shelmar Schatzi pups born June, 2018

             Boy who lives in Upstate New York                                      Girl who lives in Central New York

Schatzi as a young lady

​​Shelmar Jack Russell Terriers

Jean and Reed Veazey

2232 State Route 80, Tully, New York   13159

       HOME PHONE: 315-696-4660,  CELL PHONE: 315-559-0312  EMAIL: shelmarjrt@gmail.com.                                                               

Sire: Shingle Oak Legacy

194-15A  DOB:6/4/14  S/13.25"/Tri



Breeder/Owner: Diane Wright

Sire: Fox Run Rivet

90-98A  R/11.75"/Tri

Dam: Little Eden Badger

232-99A  S/13.5"/Tri

Sire: Fox Run Dagger

1291-96A  R/12.5"/Tri

Dam: Fox Run Sly

98-94A  B/13.5"/T+W​___________________________

Sire: Hudson 

1301-97C  S/13".5"/Tri

Dam: Round Dend Wrinkle

​906-05A  R/13.5"/T+W