Sire: Little Eden Bric  

18-07A  B/Tri

PLL: NBD, Baer: Normal

Breeder/Owner: Michelle Ward​​

Sweet Roux puppy face 

Sire: Fox Run Dagger  B/12.25"/Tri

Dam: Fox Run Sly  B/13.25"/T+W

Sire: The Hollow York B/14.5"/Tri

​Dam: Little Eden Dallas S/13"/Tri

Dam: Conquest Sizzle

616-07C,  B/12.5"/Tri

Breeder: Gaye Redpath-Schaeper

Owner: Laura Maher


​​​​​​Sire: Shelmar Double Dose  B/13"//Tri

​Dam:Little Eden Sassafras B/12.75"/Tri

​Sire: Fox Run Rivet  R/11.75"/Tri

Dam: TJ Farms Kayla  S/12.25"/T+W

Roux at 8 weeks old, Puppy Puzzle with Michelle Ward

​Dam: Shelmar Brash​

231-08A  DOB: 06-10-07  B/13"/Tri

SCA: Normal​, PLL: NBD, Baer: Normal

​Owner/Breeder: Jean + Reed Veazey

Roux:1 year, 5 months (Photo Michelle Ward)

Sire: The Hollow York  148-07


Shelmar White Diamond  

1914-98A, S/12.25"/White

2015 JRTCA National Trial, Diane Wright w Layla: Reserve Best Bitch.

Our Roux: Best Bitch Open Terrier


Roux at 2015 JRTCA National Trial.

Sire: Dig it Quick, 90-03E, B/12.5"/Tri

Dam: TJ Farmes Kendra, 985-02A, B/12"/T+W


PUPS: 2016 with

grandkids :)

​Sire: Rapscallion Rowdy

201-12C  DOB: 8/21/11  B/13"/Tri

SCA: Normal, PLL: Normal, Baer: Normal, DM: Normal

Breeder Laura Maher

Owner Michelle Ward/Laura Maher


​​Sire: Conquest Bum, 77/02C


​Dam: Fox Island Flirt, 33-05A


Roux ----- 5 months old

Dam: Shelmar Yardley

​1120-02A  DOB: 10/17/01 

PLL: Normal,  Baer: Normal

Owner/Breeder: Jean + Reed Veazey

Sire: Fox Run Fergus  R/14"/White

Dam: The Hollow Valentine B/13"/Tri

Sire:Beano of Ravenswood B/12.5"/B+W

Dam: Shelmar Loreal  S/12.5"/T+W




DOB: 12-12-13   B/13.5"/Tri





2015 JRTCA National Judge

Dr. Douglas Tack

Sire: Conquest Dash

204-11A,  B/12.5"/Tri

Breeder: Jennifer Shaul

Owner: Gay Redath-Schaeper

2015 ​JRTCA: Roux Best Open Terrier


Michelle Ward w L.E Remedy, Best Open Terrier.  Roux, Reserve Best Open Terrier.

Judge: Sandra Ferber.

Best Open Terrier; Midwest JRT Club


National Trial, JRT Club of Canada

Reserve Best Open Terrier also 2015


Shelmar Roux has been an outstanding puppy and adult as well.  She has been a wonderful show dog and has a wonderful personality with people as well as other Jack Russell Terriers.  Roux is well put together; a very good back end and shoulder angle, lovely head and very well designed back and tail.  Roux has worked well in conformation and works well with the folks and their pets in the ring.  She has had several litters of puppies and is also an excellent mother, has produced well and does a wonderful job caring for the pups.  We are very pleased with her and so is her Mom, Brash.  

Jack Russell Club of Canada

Roux: Best Foreign Bred JRT

September, 2018

Judge: Martha Milligan

 Also, Best Foreign Bred in 2015

Sire: Conquest Scorch  B/14"/Tri

Dam: Conquest Flame  B/12.75"/T+W

Sire: Fox Island Crust  B/13.5"/Tri

Dam: Fox Island Flora  B/12.5"/Tri​​

​​Shelmar Jack Russell Terriers

Jean and Reed Veazey

2232 State Route 80, Tully, New York   13159

       HOME PHONE: 315-696-4660,  CELL PHONE: 315-559-0312  EMAIL:                                                               

Sire: Fox Run Rivet, CA1970125

R/11.25"/Tri  PLL: Normal

Dam: Little Eden Brit  1255-02A

B/14"/Tri  PLL: Normal